New generation design.



evian® (re)new: our latest innovation

A connected in-home natural mineral water appliance featuring a unique design that significantly reduces plastic packaging.


The introduction of this sleek in-home natural mineral water appliance is the latest move from evian® in its journey to become a circular brand by 2025 and will build on the brand's ambition to be carbon neutral by 2020. 


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“I’ve always been inspired by great design and how it can shape our lives, which is why I’m excited to see evian® pushing the boundaries with the design of this disruptive new product that will transform the way we drink evian® water at home”



evian® Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design


A new way to drink water at home

The collapsible 5L ‘bubble’ surrounding the water incorporates new generation design thinking leveraging the physics of materials: the thin and light ‘bubble’ is 100% recyclable and made of a 100% recycled plastic (rPET) skin that contracts when the water is consumed, taking on a new shape after each use. It uses -66% less plastic than a 1.5L evian® bottle*.

*Compared, per litre of water, to a 1.5L evian® bottle (3.33 x 1.5L evian® bottles).

evian® natural mineral water at your doorstep in 3 easy steps




Order your starter pack, consisting of one base and two 5L bubbles.

Download the 

evian® (re)new app to connect the base and enjoy evian® natural mineral water.

Re-order evian® natural mineral water at the touch of a button.


A community of consumers is currently discovering and using evian® (re)new at home.

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